Desktop Riser Standing Desk

Easily adjust it to one of the 12 altitude options in 3 seconds. Just hold the levers on both sides and feel how the gas springs give you an unhindered set-up. The surface is large enough for 2 monitors, equipped with a keyboard tray, and the best part is ready right out of the box!

If you want to convert an existing table into a workstation for sitting, then do not look any further, this Rational Workstation Riser is for you. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses and offices who want to develop their space, but want to reduce costs.
This table is almost perfect. The delivery time was excellent (like free shipping!), It was so easy to assemble and easy to use. This is the ideal size for my small office, and all my colleagues were jealous. 

What caused the scratches, you ask? My keyboard. You might think that the surface of the table will withstand the normal wear for which it was intended. Unfortunately no. I still highly recommend this table, but I warn you, if you want the smooth surface to last more than a few minutes, put something under the keyboard desktop riser standing desk. And if you want to move the monitor or speakers, do not slide them across the table, pick them up.


#ENERGY is what you get as your success on a flexible workstation.
#COMFORT is what you will experience with the ability to move from standing to sitting.
#FOCUS is what you achieve with your simple setup.
#HEALTHIER is what you will be, as you can now avoid prolonged inactivity.


• Gas springs for quick 3-second adjustment
• 12 height adjustment parameters from 150 mm to 500 mm
• Space optimization - vertical seat for motion without shear
• Assembly ready to work right out of the box
• Tablet / smartphone holder
• Max. Carrying capacity 4 kg (2 kg) for the keyboard tray
• Carrying capacity 33 kg (15 kg) on ​​the main riser
• Coated steel and an environmentally friendly board with a thickness of 15 mm

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